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Hans says "Come join us!"

Class Info


New Puppies/dogs and owners can start each and every week. No need to wait for a class to start. I'm ready and here when you are!

Puppy Classes for pups 10 weeks to 5 months. Adult Dog Classes for dogs 6 months and over.

First class bring:

Vet records for your dog,regular leash and collar (head and body harnesses okay, choke and prong collars not okay) and yummy treats for your dog.

Tuition Payment in cash or check to me (Lydia McCarthy) only. Tuition due first class. NO REFUNDS AFTER FIRST CLASS.

Park Classes!

Clippard Park no longer has a $10 parking pass requirement. I'm usually in the middle section in the field behind the ball fields.

Hamilton County Parks require a park sticker. Usually around $10. 

Otto Armleder Park-we will be in the field to the right of the big picnic shelter which is next to the childrens play area. This is for Adults, Puppies and Help for Reactive Dogs classes.

* Special note for Help for Reactive Dogs class-be sure to maintain space between your dog and all others. Even if it is 20 ft away. I will come to each one and instruct what you are supposed to do. Make sure leash/harness/collar is secure and you have PLENTY of yummy treats and a favorite toy, water and blanket for your dog. Review before class and 

 Weather Cautions!

In case of inclement weather: I cancel for pouring rain, lightning, tornado warnings. If in doubt, check my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog or my voicemail.